LCM of 6 and 8

LCM of 6 and 8 Using Prime Factorization

24 is the LCM of 6 and 8. You can find it out by any of the possible methods. These methods include prime factorization, division method, and listing multiples. But in this article, we are going to use the prime factorization method.

Steps to solve lcm of 6 and 8

Step 1: Prime factors of 6 are = 2,3

Step 2: Prime factors of 8 are = 2,2,2

Step 3: Now arrange the factors and multiply all of them.

Important: As the 2 is the factor of 6 as well as 8. So, we have to that number of 2’s that
are higher in number. In this case, are considering 2,2,2 from 8 and ignoring the 2 from 6.

LCM of 6 and 8 => 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 = 24



In this simple article, we have learned how to find the lcm of 6 and 8 using the prime factorization method. First, we have to find out the prime factors of the numbers after that we multiply those factors which are different from each other and those which have the higher number of a factor that occurs in both. You may know about how 14/26 simplified. I hope you understand the concept of finding the lcm using prime factorization.

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