who is alex jones?

Who is Alex Jones? His Amazing Thoughts on the Sandy Hook

You came here to read about Alex Jones. Here are some queries that are regularly asked by people, which we have discussed here. Who is Alex Jones? What did Alex Jones say about Sandy Hook? Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks? I hope this article will answer your query.

Who is Alex Jones?

Alexander Emerick Jones is an American radio show host. He is a prominent conspiracy theorist. Alex got famous by promoting paranoid allegations against the U.S. government on the public-access television radio show. When a conglomerate bought the station, he was first a talk radio host in Austin, Texas, USA. Alex Jones has since joined a non-conglomerate-owned radio network called GCN.

Many consider Jones one of the most influential conspiracy theorists in the USA today because of legal and political issues. Conspiracy theories of Jones say that the U.S. government either concealed the information about or outright falsified the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and the September 11 attacks. He has claimed that several governments have conspired to create a New World Order through manufactured economic crises, sophisticated surveillance tech, and inside-job terror attacks that fuel exploitable hysteria.

Early Life:

Alex was born on February 11, 1974, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Jones was raised in the suburb of Rockwall. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was a dentist. In Jone’s sophomore year of high school, his family moved to Austin, Texas. He graduated from Anderson High School in 1993. After high school, he attended Austin Community College and dropped out.

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What did Alex Jones say about Sandy Hook?

After the incident, Alex Jones started speaking about the Sandy Hook shooting and continued until he was sued. In 2018, Jones was removed from all social media platforms. He refused to provide evidence in the Sandy Hook litigation. The Lawyers for the families of victims had to dig deep. Those lawyers showed the jury what he said about the Sandy Hook shooting on his radio and online show.

Alex Jones continued his discussion about Sandy Hook shooting for years. Here is a small sample of what he said:

● “My gut is, with the timing and everything that happened, this is staged. And you know I’ve been saying the last few months, get ready for big mass shootings, and then magically, it happens.”
● “Folks, we got to get private investigators up to Sandy Hook right now. Because I’m telling you this — this stinks to the highest heaven.”
● “We’re sorry for everybody’s losses, whatever. We’re investigating this, though.”
● “It’s as phony as a $3 bill.”
● “You’ve got parents laughing — ‘hahaha’ — and then they walk over to the camera and go ‘boo hoo hoo,’ and not just one but a bunch of parents doing this and then photos of kids that are still alive they said died? I mean, they think we’re so dumb.”
● “Why did Hitler blow up the Reichstag — to get control! Why do governments stage these things — to get our guns? Why can’t people get that through their heads?”
● “I watched the footage, and it looks like a drill.”

Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks?

Alex Jones is obviously no stranger to conspiracy theories. But here’s a perfect one that doesn’t come from him but is about him: maybe you’ve heard it’s actually the legendary Texas comedian Bill Hicks, who is supposed to have died in 1994? But who was actually “recruited by the CIA to become the mainstream media-controlled opposition” who were “continuously fed intelligence approved by their CIA handlers”?

If you haven’t heard that, don’t worry. There’s a 33-minute video on Vimeo created by a user calling herself “CastleJenniferBassett” with the catchy title “IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks”.


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Jones boasts a national audience through his radio show on 100 stations nationwide and his Infowars and Prison Planet websites, which feature his many alleged claims in multimedia format. “While Jones-related platforms, pages, and channels were banned from major social media platforms in 2018, Infowars continues to maintain significant reach. According to analytics firm Quantcast, Infowars had about 3.34 million unique readers in February 2020 alone.
Jones gained notoriety online, and his campaigns went so far as to target not only reps, government agencies, and celebrities but all those who supported these groups. He has turned into the butt of an online joke and, at worst, people in distress and distress personally affected by the mass tragedy.

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